Commercial Drone Services

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Commercial Drone Services

CLC Drone Photo & Video Services

1- Get it done legally:

You need someone that is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct commercial operations in the United States. People such as myself will have a greater understanding on what is, and is not allowed in the airspace in which the services are needed.

2- Hassle Free

Requests can be arranged remotely utilizing various applications and services. From video chats to simple emails and phone calls. With the proper information I will be able to advise on any flight restrictions within seconds and work on getting the necessary approvals. As an experienced drone operator I've grown accustomed to researching locations and devising a plan of action.

3- Hire the right people:

Not every FAA certified drone pilot can get the job done safely. There is more to a safe drone flight than knowing the laws. You have to possess the skills that will get you out of a potentially serious inflight situation (loss of satellite connection, bird attacks, battery errors, etc). These are some of the situations I have encountered and was able to safely land my drone.

4- Smooth video and properly exposed photos:
Whether it be a video project or still photos, you need someone that has an understanding of camera settings and cinematic maneuvers. This is something I take great pride in providing my clients and most in the industry lack. These skills can only be developed with countless hours of practice. I have done professional photography work long before entering the drone industry.


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